What to Do with Your Dog on a Winter Day

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The winter means we’ll be spending a lot more time indoors and that applies to our pets too. The cold temperatures can be uncomfortable and dangerous for our furry friends who still need to stay active. There are plenty of indoor and outdoor activities to entertain and tire out your dogs this holiday season. If you are curious about winter activities with your dog, keep reading.

Mental Workout

Sometimes a mental challenge can be just as hard, if not harder, than a physical one. Spending too much time lounging inside can leave your dog restless. Rather than leaving food in the regular bowl, try to tire them out with these challenges. Slow feeders, which resemble a maze more than a bowl will engage your dog’s brain and slow their eating (a great health benefit!) Hide-and-seek isn’t just a game for kids, your dog can play too. Hide treats around the house for them to find throughout the day, you can even involve your family by letting them hide treats too.

Move the Fun Indoors

The cold can be too much for some pets who would rather stay inside during the winter and luckily our homes have so many unassuming playgrounds for pets. Any staircase can be turned into a jungle gym by tossing treats or toys at the opposite end of the staircase. Your dog will go running and after a few laps will be ready for a nap. Any spacious room in the house is a great place for fetch, just make sure there’s nothing fragile in reach, dogs can get excited and unaware of their surroundings. A third option is creating an obstacle course. Use household items like pillows, chairs, blankets, or tables and spend the day training your dog to master the course like a pro.

Embrace the Snow

If your dog is comfortable in the snow then take them outside! The snow provides for even more fun than summer weather. Try building a snow maze for your dog to solve or play fetch in the snow. If you have a bigger dog, there are snow sports that include them too! Skijorking is cross country skiing with your dog running ahead on a leash. You get the added moment and your dog gets a great workout. You might be surprised by how quickly your dog picks up the sport. 


Doggy Daycare

The winter weather can be too much for our dogs sometimes, which means we have to find ways to keep them active. Look into doggy daycares or indoor centers where your dog can socialize and exercise safely. While this option isn’t free it can be your pet’s holiday gift as well as a gift to yourself as you will gain some added free time. Consider sending your dog with some Zen Frenz Zen Bites to reduce their social anxiety in this new setting. 

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