Tips to Help Your Dog Adjust to a New Enviroment

Adapting to change and adjusting to new environments is inevitably challenging and it can be especially challenging for our pets. They will likely feel confused and overwhelmed by any big changes such as moving homes, a new doggy daycare place, new dog park, even traveling to a new dog park can cause extra stress on your pet. Since change is very unavoidable, the best that we can do is try to make the transition as painless as possible for our pets. Here are some of our favorite ways to help your dog adjust to a new environment! 

Give lots of attention. Change is hectic and time consuming when you’re the human in the household, but don’t forget that your dog needs some extra love to get through it. Be generous with affection and encouraging words, and steal a few moments for quiet, quality time together in between other tasks. Taking a couple minutes to toss around a favorite toy or to give out belly rubs assures your dog that everything is okay and that, while you may be running around, they are still a main priority.

Try natural calming supplements. Here at Zen Frenz we are big promonets of natural wellness products to help with situational anxiety and support calming. If your pet is adjusting to a new environment we recommend you try implementing a regime of calming support to yout pets life. Try giving them a dose of cbd about an hour before the new environment so that gives the CBD time to kick in. Then feel free to give them more during the peak of the stressful experience. We recommend you give your pet some of our Zen Drops an hour before the stress inducing event and to bring Bacon and Beef Zen Bites with you to have for during the peak of the stressful situation!

Pack your pet essentials. Whenever going somewhere new be sure to also pack an essentials bag for your dog. This way, you’ll know exactly where to look for food and water bowls, toys, treats, and anything else pet-specific when the need may arise. You’ll be glad to have these things on hand, and just as much as they will help your pup, having those essentials on hand will alleviate any stress you have. 

Be patient. Change is scary and overwhelming, the very best thing you can do for your dog during the stressful period of adjusting to a new home or other new enviroment is to be patient and compassionate. Acknowledge they’re going through something tough, and go out of your way to make it as easy for them as you can. If your dog does something out of the ordinary, like have an accident inside or bark excessively when people walk by the window, realize that it’s a reaction to stress and anxiety, and they’re doing the best they can. Following the tips above can hopefully mitigate a lot of those negative behaviors. 

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