The Benefits And Uses Of Lick Mats!

Dogs are all different; that is why we love them! Each one provides different characteristics and personality traits that make them unique. In getting to know our pets, we slowly pick up on aspects of who they are, treat preferences, anxiety coping tactics, levels of calmness and overstimulation when they are bored, and everything else in between. It is like getting to know a friend over time, yet they cannot necessarily verbally communicate their preferences to us(at least not with words). Here at Zen Frenz, our goal is to cater to all dogs' needs. We have no intention of only focusing on "problems" but instead on everything that will improve our pet's wellness and quality of life. Lick mats are one of the things that are not hyper-specific to any singular dog's needs but maybe presumed as such. Lick mats are thin mats usually made of silicon with fun shapes and textures designed to provide several uses for our pets. They can sometimes be most closely associated with anxious animals, but lick mats have many advantages that all personality types could benefit from. So here are four ways/ reasons your animal could benefit from using a lick mat. 

  1. Calming & Soothing. While lick mats are not singular to calming our pets, it is one of the many benefits. The motion of licking has been proven to be an extremely pleasurable experience for animals. It secretes endorphins, which translates to our pets being calmer. The lick mats work as a great distraction when our furry frenz may be experiencing any stress. This can be the perfect distraction when being left home alone, going to new places, or being over-stimulated.

  2. Providing Entertainment. Lick mats can efficiently act as a simple activity for our pets. In the case of a hyper dog, or wandering puppy, placing some Zen Frenz Calming Peanut Butter on a lick mat can supply them with a fun activity to participate in! Peanut Butter is one of the treats doggies love licking up; combined with a lick mat; the experience must be euphoric! The blend acts as the perfect double calming mixture! 

  3. Helping Oral Health. Because of the texture of lick mats, the grooves and bristles scrape the dog's tongue, in turn cleaning it and helping to remove the bacterias that affect oral health. The licking action and production of saliva keep gums and teeth healthy. As your dog licks the mat, his mouth stimulates extra saliva production. It essentially acts as a tongue brush or an affordable dentist visit. 

  4. Improves Digestion. Since lick mats are covered with grooves and bristles, it makes it a long process to complete their entire meal. This is beneficial because the longer it takes our dogs to eat, the more it helps their digestion. Eating too quickly can increase bloating and stomach issues, so the action of licking created by the mat encourages saliva production, which aids the breaking down of foods. Slowing down eating reduces bloat risks and improves digestion.




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