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New to the world of CBD? Unsure if CBD could really help your pets? Feel safer taking product recommendations from real people rather than businesses? We know how you feel, when picking new products for your pets you want to feel confident in what you are giving them. Here are some reviews from actual pet CBD users, which will hopefully give you some peace of mind! 


It was amazing to see Luna relaxed! Luna has separation anxiety and we were looking for a product that would work. No whining or pacing around the house after we tried the ZenFrenz CBD oil! We have definitely been recommending it to all of our friends because it really works. Looking forward to trying some of their other products.”

-Gloria S.

“We used the Zen bites in our home for our two dogs and our foster dog (who had some severe anxiety issues.) The dogs loved them. They were trying to open up the bag on their own to get at the tasty bites! The treats also helped to just take the edge off, so that our foster could slowly start venturing out of her comfort zone. Definitely a fan!”



“The CBD treats make us feel so much better! Ringo currently has an injured paw and the moment we noticed his limping, we pulled out a treat. It takes a lot for this boy to show pain, but we could tell when the CBD had kicked in! Right back to normal. Thank you zenfrenz!”

-Ringo A.

“We give these to our dog after hikes and they help her with soreness and muscle pain. They also help her in having a good night’s rest. Would definitely recommend!” 


Older Pets:

“I have been giving this CBD oil to my 20 year old cat for awhile now, and I definitely notice the difference. He is much more comfortable and relaxed, looks less painful when he walks, startles less, and has helped with his finicky appetite. Thanks for the great product that helps take care of my boy in his old age.”


“I love Zen Frenz products so I got this shampoo for my sister who is now caring for our grandmothers senior toy poodle. He’s an extremely nervous anxious dog so I sent her this CBD shampoo hoping it would make him feel good and you know what...? She called and told me it worked wonders! He absolutely loved his bath and felt & looked amazing afterwards highly recommend. (I only took photos of her lab with the shampoo but this is little ol’ Blackjack who thoroughly enjoyed his bath (pre Bath pics lol)) and attached a pic of her beautiful lab just because she will also benefit from the shampoo ❤️”



“Since the day I rescued Simba, he needed baths. He loves to get his paws muddy, and loves nothing more than to roll in a pile of dirt. Simba isn’t an average cat when it comes to outdoor adventures, but is when it comes to bath time. My experience with this shampoo is that it works really well for cats. Simba seems to be more relaxed for bath time. I really like that the shampoo is plant based, and the clean scent. This is an amazing product and definitely recommend it.”

-Rachel S. 

“My puppy is not a fan of bath time and gets pretty anxious about it. This shampoo seems to help her anxiety and makes her seem more relaxed during bath time. I’d recommend it to dog parents with similar issues!”


*All reviews taken from the “Reviews” section of the Zen Frenz website


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  • Maricela on

    I gave the CBD oil to my dogs and it did absolutely nothing! I’ve used other products and they worked great. So I’m very disappointed with this product.

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