Four Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Dogs

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Cinco de Mayo is quickly approaching, this year Cinco de Mayo falls on this coming Wednesday! With the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting everyone around the world, it’s likely that your usual plans on having tequila, tacos, and beers with friends might be put on hold for another year. Since you probably won’t find yourself at a formal Cinco de Mayo celebration, why not celebrate safely at home with your furry friends and loved ones?

“Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army's victory over Napoleon III’s French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. The holiday has become widely popular in the United States, where revelers imbibe tequila shots and margaritas, nosh on tacos and smash treat-filled piñatas.” Something you may not know is that Cinco de Mayo is sparsely celebrated in Mexico, the vast majority of the celebrations happen in the United States.  

1. Cook Up Some Dog Tacos

While you are likely making tacos for you and your family to enjoy, why not make a couple with ingredients that are pet friendly for your pups to enjoy on the side? Both flour and corn tortillas are dog friendly if eaten occasionally. Next, fill the tortillas with pet friends proteins such as grilled chicken, eggs, bacon and lean steak. There are also many pet friendly veggies such as  lettuce, cilantro and sweet potato. Just be careful not to give them guacamole or salsa as they contain avocado, tomatoes, garlic and spicy peppers, all of which are toxic for dogs. 

2. Make “Bark-aritas”

This one sounds a little silly but it is loads of fun and we can guarantee your pup will thank you! “This simple “Bark-aritas” recipe will help your pooch wash down their tacos with a refreshing frozen concoction. It's non-alcoholic and doesn’t include limes, which are too acidic for Fido’s tummy. 


  • Chicken broth

  • Ice cubes

  • Cucumber slices

Add chicken broth and ice cubes into a blender and blend until smooth. You can also make this “on the rocks” by placing ice cubes into the chicken broth. Serve immediately in a dog bowl or a paper cup garnished with a slice of cucumber.”

3. Fill a Piñata With Treats for Your Pup

Pinatas are a staple for Cinco de Mayo, Mexican celebrations and parties all over the world. They are a super fun way to get every participant involved in the festivities. You could even purchase a bone shaped pinata and fill it with dog treats and toys. While your dog probably can't whack it with a stick, they will love to take the prizes when you break it open for them. 

4. Mexican Serape Dog Costume

While this is completely unnecessary, if you want to take your pet friendly Cinco de Mayo celebration to the next level, why not consider getting your pet a festive outfit? Amazon and pet stores have serapes and sombrero costumes for dogs that are super inexpensive. While we can’t guarantee your pet will love the outfit, we do know that you will love the pictures! 

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