How to Care for your Senior Dog

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Here at Zen Frenz, we’re so fortunate to have been able to help dogs of all ages. From young pups to double digit warriors our products have made them feel much more Zen! One testimonial we’d like to share is from a member of our Zen Frenz family Annette Lecair with her goldendoodle Tucker, who said, “I honestly believe because of zen dogs cbd we had four more happy healthy years with Tucker.” 

By most accounts, dogs are considered seniors after age six or seven. Large breeds age faster than small breeds, so there’s some wiggle room in that timeline. The reality is a dog’s aging is just like a human’s. Some enter seniorhood strong, while others hit their golden years already tired. Here are some things to do to help keep them healthy and zen!

  1. Diet

Swap out store-bought treats for fresh fruits and veggies. Carrots, blueberries, apple slices, and so on all make excellent low-cal treats for pups who still deserve treats but also need to watch their weight. 

Be mindful of table scraps. We all do it: slip a bite under the table, set a bowl down for your pup to lick, drop a scrap and not bother to pick it up because, of course, the dog will get it. All those bits and bites add up. 

  1. Exercise 

Don’t skip the walks. It’s hard, I know. Our schedules are busy, the weather is bad, and the backyard is so convenient. However, for your dog’s longevity, take those daily walks. It’s great for him to keep his joints moving, his muscles working, and his heart pumping. Bonus points: Add a tiny bit of distance (one more block, two more houses, a second lap, etc.) or a second walk each day to really boost your dog’s fitness level.

  1. Supplements

You might want to add in supplements, too, but talk that over with your vet first. Many dogs use probiotics, fish oil, and joint supplements. Of course these are optional and depend on your dog and your budget.

Some of our favorite supplements include Zen Drops, Zen Bites, and Peanut butter(on special occasions). 

  1. The Vet

Your vet should be your partner in caring for your senior dog. Your dog might have been one of the lucky ones, thriving on his once-a-year checkup and vaccinations. That’s never been our lot in life, but if it was yours–that’s awesome! Though be aware: Senior dogs need a lot more veterinary care.

First, most dogs need to go to the vet twice a year. One of those visits should include a blood panel, and it’s ideal to get a baseline when your pup is on the younger side of seniorhood.

We are so glad to help senior dogs and welcome them to the Zen Frenz family. We hope to continue improving the lives of all dogs and keep them zen!

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