How often should you give your dog a bath?

Baths are important to keep your dog properly groomed. If you are a new dog owner, one of your concerns might be how often you should be giving your dog a bath. It can be difficult to be able to determine this and requires a lot of observation and research. On average, most dog owners give their pet a bath once a month, but it does vary depending on the dog

What should you be looking for? 

Though the average is once a month, your dog may be different. The most important thing to look at is your dog’s breed and type of coat, as that will give you the indiction at how often you should wash your dog. Here are some key things you should observe: fur type, fur length, breed, coat, allergies, and the lifestyle of the dog. The lifestyle is also a large factor, as if your dog spends a lot of time outside you may need to bathe your dog more often. 

Why you should not bathe your dog too often?

If you wash your dog too frequently, this would remove the natural oils from your dog’s skin that keeps them healthy. This can cause dry and itchy skin and have it irritated. If this does happen, make sure to start to reduce the frequency between washes. Zen Frenz’s healing balm would be great to help soothe the irritated skin and coat. 

What if your dog hates baths?

You may dislike giving your dog a bath just as much as your own dog. That’s okay! Many dogs get whiny when it is bath time and it can be difficult. However, it is so important to keep giving your dog baths so they can stay clean and healthy. The long break between baths is also good for them, but you should be giving your dog a bath at least once every 3 months. If your pet gets anxious, Zen Frenz Calming Shampoo would be great to help them relax during bath time and it would be more relaxing for you as well!

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