Have You And Everyone You Know Adopted A New Furry Friend in the Q? Here’s What’s Going On. (Part 1)

With more people at home, losing touch with the social world as they get drawn more and more into their phones, computers, and televisions with no escape, the solution to living in the moment appeared: a pet. With nothing but time, the perfect opportunity to train a puppy or begin life with a kitten arises. You and your friends calendars were erased of Friday Night dinners and replaced with 3 am dog-whining wake up calls. 

I know it was easy for me to sit in bed all day long when responsibilities only needed a computer to be completed. While I could lazily toss aside any resemblance of a morning routine, I couldn’t do the same for my dog. He still needed to be walked, fed, played with, and anyways I enjoyed giving him attention because in exchange I was given comfort and companionship. Having another living, breathing creature next to us can be a turning point for many people’s quarantine journey.

There were numerous headlines of shelters being out of pets. Can you imagine that? Truly a feel good story and moments during an overly stressful time. Bringing a pet into your home is a small sign of belief in the future. That you and your new pet will get through this together and normalcy will resume to some degree eventually as long as you can get through the quarantine. 

For everyone who brought a new pet into their homes, they were definitely bringing pets into an unprecedented situation. They were going to be with you at all times and not be socialized as much with other pets or people. When this situation changes, it can understandably be difficult to socialize again. I know after getting out of complete quarantine, while still being cautious, it was hard for me to be around people for extended periods of time just because I wasn’t as used to it. For a pet who has not ever been socialized, this can be a source of anxiety. While you may have had plenty of time to play games and spoil your new pet with attention and treats, they may not have gotten a taste of the real world. So while this transition is happening it's important to be conscious of still paying your new pet attention and not just treat them as a quarantine buddy you forget about. It can be stressful for them being alone for longer periods of time and even meeting new people and animals, so try mixing CBD oil for dogs into their food, or giving CBD dog treats to reward your dog after positive socialization, or even hemp seed oil for dogs that can also help with anxiety.  

Maybe you didn’t adopt a new pet, but already had a furry, friendly face at home as stay at home orders were mandated. While you were able to turn to a pet for comfort during this stressful time, you may have noticed your pet’s behavior change. Your pet may have been happier that you weren’t leaving them all alone at home all day, but they also have had their social calendars wiped. While they have met up with neighborhood or park dogs before, they may not get to anymore. They may even start to sense your anxiety. Try treating your pet, especially your dog, to some peanut butter mixed with CBD oil for dogs to calm them down. 

CBD oil for dogs

Getting a dog or cat or bunny or really any pet during quarantine is totally understandable and relying on your existing furry friend is expected. Just ensure you are aware that you should keep loving them after quarantine and be aware of their needs during and after. Attention and supplements can make a world of difference for you and for your quarantine best friend.

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