Have You And Everyone You Know Adopted A New Furry Friend in the Q? Here’s How You Should Care For Your Pet Right Now. (Part 2)

With adoption and foster centers raining cats and dogs into the outstretched arms of people ready for a companion in isolation, these pets need to be well cared for and not just seen as a source of comfort during quarantine. Here are 6 ways ranging from adequate research and training to CBD pet treats and CBD oil for pets that will help your new furry friend thrive!

CBD dog treats

1. Research the breed of the new pet you are getting

Every pet is different, so it’s important to know what the common characteristics of your new pet are. While cats stay pretty consistent across breeds, dogs vary greatly from their energy levels to their natural protective instincts.  

2. Discourage Destructiveness

Now you don’t want your new pet messing up your space too much, so you have to be proactive. For dogs, get a weewee pad for them to go to the bathroom on and some spray because they will unfortunately pee and poop where you don’t want them to. Now for cats, you are going to want to put up scratchers for them to use so that they aren’t scratching up your favorite bed frame. 

3. Crate Train

You will want your dog to get comfortable in their crate. It should be a safe place for them, but also a place you can use to help them calm down. You can feed them in the morning and night here, place a toy and blanket  in there, and place a hot pouch in there for comfort. If you are struggling with how you will approach this, I recommend reading this article!

4. Obedience Train

If you have adopted a dog, before bedtime, you should spend some time teaching them basic commands. Commands like sit, stay, wait, and come can be practical, essential commands while commands like roll over, shake, and play dead can be shown off! Make sure you reward your dog with verbal and physical praise and treats. Before bedtime, CBD dog treats can be great for their sleep and calming them down after playing. 

5. Ensure Activity and Health

While you might be cooped up inside for the majority of quarantine, going on walks with your dog can be beneficial not only for him or her but also for you!

6. Create a Routine

While you may have fallen off the wagon when it comes to your routine, it’s super important that you stay on top of a routine for your new pet. You will want this routine to reflect the routine you will follow with your pet once life begins to return to normal. So, if you normally would leave for work at 8 you need to take your new pup out before then even if you aren’t going anywhere for a few weeks. You want to train them to use wee-wee pads if you don’t plan to be home to let your dog out in the afternoon. If you plan on crating your dog for a few hours whenever you go to run errands practice doing that. Ensure you think about if your normal routine can maintain having a dog that needs attention and care and not just compatibility with your quarantine routine!

Also, you can try giving your dog CBD oil for dogs and your cat CBD oil for cats when you begin transitioning them to their new environment and when you begin to transition them into coping with you being gone for longer periods. The CBD can help calm their anxiety around these stressful situations since change is difficult not only for humans, but also for our furry friends!

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