CBD Product Highlight: Zen Bites Dog Treats

In the last blog post, we shared a recipe you could make at home using our CBD oil. For those who would rather have premade treats, we have the perfect snack! 

Our CBD dog treats, Zen Bites, are a delicious treat for your dog, too. 

The Peanut Butter & Honey CBD dog treats come in an easy to open and close pouch (5x7) that you're able to carry along with you if necessary. You can have something simple on the go and at home, just in case your dog begins experiencing anxiety (or other ailment). 

The Benefits of Zen Bites: The CBD Oil Treat

The benefits of Zen Bites are similar to those of regular CBD oil. First, let us start by letting you know, dogs who don't like to take the droplets of oil often will consume a CBD treat. If you want your dog to have CBD, but she isn't a fan of the drops, this could be your solution.

Of course, Zen Bites also provide stress relief, anxiety relief, anti-inflammation properties, and relief from other ailments including pain. As with CBD oil drops, the Zen Bites do not have any psychoactive effects.

If you're searching for a treat that's made in the United States, there's another benefit right there. Plus, they are non-GMO, GMP Certified, and made with organic hemp powder, so your mind can rest at ease. 

Dosage Recommendations

Supplement twice a day for overall health and wellness. If necessary gradually exceed dosing weight recommendations for specific occasions (speak with an alternative or holistic veterinarian to learn more). 

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