Bootastic Halloween Pet Costumes

Forget about planning your own Halloween costume, start thinking about the more important question: what your pet is going to be dressed as? Your pup or cat can go as superman, a lion, a banana, the possibilities are endless. 

The most important thing when finding a costume for your pet is getting the correct size for them and making sure they are comfortable as they go trick-or-CDB dog treating! You do not want anything too tight around their neck or anything that will make them trip when they are accompanying you during trick or treating or during a pet costume show. Just like human clothes, sizes will differ between brands and styles, so don’t get stuck on a size. Pay more attention to the costume’s fit. Read on for a couple pet costume ideas!

Beanie Dog

Turn your dog or cat into a beanie baby by just attaching a “ty” tag loosely around their neck. You can even place a message on the inside with your pet’s name and short description! Click here for instructions on making this costume and other diy pet costumes such as a ballerina or Sesame Street’s Big Bird.


Bring out your pet’s wild side with an easy to wear lion mane. All you have to do is place this mane around your pet’s head, and they’re ready to sit regally and scare away trick or treaters!


If your pup loves bananas, you have to dress them up as one! If you want to make this a human-dog costume set, you could dress up as a monkey! If they like different fruits or veggies more, 

King or Queen

If your pup or cat is as regal as Prince Harry or Queen Elizabeth, you need to dress them up as a king or queen. Try to find a hat that is comfortable for your pup, and if you can’t, ditch this costume and let them make the royal declaration that they will dress as something else. 


What better way to dress up in October than by throwing on a pumpkin costume. Other halloween inspired costumes include ghost, witch, and bat.

Angel or Devil

While you may love your pet, you probably know that your pet may be a secret devil or is truly an angel. Dress them up as one and let them show the world who they really are


Are you a fan of certain movies or T.V. shows? If so, why not dress your pet in a costume that can help materialize your favorite character such as Scooby-Doo, Ewok, Minnie or Mickey, etc. Get creative and do something unconventional!

Getting dressed for this spooky day can be so much fun for you and for your pet, but it can also be a source of anxiety and stress for your pet with children ringing your doorbell constantly. You can try giving you dog CBD oil for dogs and your cat CBD oil for cats. And in honor of Halloween, you can give your pup, or even cat, some CBD dog treats.

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