A Fourth of July Schedule for your Pets!

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Fourth of July is coming around and this is an anxious time for your pets. Below is a schedule you can follow to help your pet get through the day!


  1. Wake up and feed them good!
  • Every morning dogs love to feel the love from their owners! Especially on a day like the 4th, they need more comfort than usual. Show them this love and comfort by waking up, being with them, and give them a yummy, filling breakfast! Lots of dogs get so nervous and night during the fireworks that they might not want to eat later in the day.


  1. Take them on a walk/fresh air
  • In the morning and afternoon, you will most likely not hear any fireworks. This is the best time to take your dog out to get some fresh air and let them do their business! Most dogs love the nature and fresh air they receive so make sure to give them as much as they can get before the fireworks!


  1. Play with them a lot during the day
  • You should get your dog tired by playing with them off and on throughout the day! They will most likely run away and try to be alone is a confined space at night when hearing all the noise outside! Getting them tired is a great idea because then at night they wouldn’t even want to play since they would be so tired!


  1. Give them Zen Bites or CBD Oil before the fireworks start
  • Being able to make your dog’s feel calm and relaxed when loud noises are going on is very important. You can do that by giving your pet our Zen Frenz products! Our CBD Bacon and Beef Zen Bites are yummy treats for dogs and cats that will help with stress and anxiety. If your pet is a picky eater, you can give them our CBD Drops that are flavorless. You can put the drops on your pet’s food in which they will eat right up!


  1. Be with them inside and make them feel comfortable
  • Dogs need love and attention to feel safe. While you have fun watching fireworks, remember that your dog is scared and needs your comfort. Company is one thing dogs need during this time! Be there for them!!


We hope this schedule works for your pet! We also hope you all have a safe 4th of July!!

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