3 Reasons to Meditate with Your Pet

Did you know pets can sense the energy we let radiate from our minds? If you have ever practiced meditation with your pet around, you may have noticed her coming into 'invade your space.' This is because she can sense your energy. She sees you are calm, peaceful, serene. 

When you're at ease, your pet is at ease. We're going to discuss three reasons meditation is beneficial to not only you, but your pet as well. 

Zen with Your Pet: Building the Bond

Our pets search for a bond with us (often dogs desire this more than cats). In order to begin building that bond, our pet first has to feel like you're a safe place. There should be some type of stability in your world. 

Zen with Your Pet: Spending Time

In addition to meditation building your bond via peaceful energy, you are building your bond using something your pet wants the most. Your time.

Building a 'Zen' Routine

Via meditation, we are able to connect to our pet on a deeper level. We are able to connect on a more meaningful level. Combine this with consistency and we have the key to peace. 

Creating a time in your routine to focus on meditation is the key to consistency. What time works best for you to meditate each day? Of course it doesn't need to be down to the exact minute, but within 30 minutes in either direction is acceptable when establishing the routine.

Plus, this gives you a reason to meditate each day as well (and remain on routine). This will take some dedication but you'll be thankful for the peace, the love, and the strengthened bond between yourself and your pet.

If your pet experiences anxiety, to assist her in this process of zen, you can try Zen Dogs and Cool Cats CBD Oil. It's a natural way to calm the body and may assist in developing a peaceful routine. Click here to learn more.

P.S.- Don't forget to be patient. Your pet is learning.

We'll go further in depth in tomorrow's blog post! Stay tuned!



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