Zen Frenz Peanut Butter

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What is it?

Our Zen Frenz Peanut Butter is an all-natural, owner approved, pet friendly calming treat. It’s easy to use, has great benefits, and is loved by our customers! 

What’s in it?

The main ingredient is all natural peanut butter, but what sets it apart is the 150 mg of cannabidiol extract, more popularly known as CBD. CBD is a naturally occurring substance derived from the hemp plant, a cousin to the cannabis plant. It is used in products like oils and edibles to create a feeling of relaxation for users. Unlike delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the major active ingredient in marijuana and a close relative of CBD, CBD is not psychoactive and contains no THC. This means that CBD can not get you high and will only provide calming support for users.

What’s it used for?

The Peanut Butter is perfect for use in any scenarios that cause your pet anxiety or stress. Does the forecast predict thunderstorms? Are you going on a road trip? Do you plan to leave your pet home alone? Does your pet get anxious when meeting new people? If you said yes to any of these questions, the Zen Frenz Peanut Butter is for you! One of our customers says, “My husky can be very picky when it comes to trying products with CBD in them, but not this one! We love the peanut butter option as it is an easy and fun way to give him CBD when he needs a little help with calming down in stressful situations. I highly recommend this product, a spoonful before fireworks, long trips and many other things really helps him get through it and takes away the added stress of trying to force him to eat it - he just thinks it’s a treat!”

Other great benefits of the Zen Frenz Peanut Butter is mobility/joint support, anti-inflammatory and anti-itching support, as well as appetite stimulation.

How to use:

You can add Zen Frenz Peanut Butter to your pets food, give it in spoonfuls, or spread on a licking mat! For pets under 50 pounds, give your pet 1-2 tablespoons per day or as needed. For larger pets over 50 pounds, give the, 2-3 tablespoons with the same frequency. 

Who can use it?

The Zen Frenz Peanut Butter is suitable for dogs and cats of any size, but not for humans.

Where can I buy it and how much is it?

The peanut butter can be purchased at https://zenfrenz.com/collections/featured-products/products/zen-peanut-butter, at the Melrose Trading Post and various pet stores around the country. The product retails for $30.00. Use the code “LetsGetZen” at checkout for 10% off your order!

Until January 30th, 2022, use the code “Frenz25” to get 25% off your order!

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