Tips Your Dog Groomer Wants You to Know

You love your dog and want her to stay as happy and healthy as possible. If your dog is one who requires grooming by a professional dog groomer, there are some actions you can take in between grooming visits to keep your pup feeling great. 

If you have a puppy, grooming should begin immediately. Either way, whether puppy or adult, regular grooming should occur but it’s much easier to ‘flex’ a puppy’s mind than an adult dog’s mind. You may find your puppy is more willing to try something new than your adult dog.

The best part of learning how to do this in between visits though: this will increase the bond you share with your dog even farther. 

Btw - Curious to see what a dog looks like BEFORE and AFTER a dog grooming session? If YES, click here!

Your dog trusts you completely, but there are some ‘sensitive’ areas. Figure out a step-by-step routine for at-home care. Then, he will know what to expect each time you ‘self-groom.’


Don’t Be Nervous: Grooming Your Dog at Home

Huge tip here. Don’t be nervous. Your dog reacts based on your reactions. If you are nervous, she will be able to sense it resulting in her being nervous. You may also want to try CBD oil prior to beginning the process to reduce her levels of anxiety (especially in the beginning). 


And, just as a note, if you are nervous to do something in particular, whether it be bathing, trimming nails, snipping out mats, etc., go ahead and take her to your groomer. We want everything to flow as smoothly as possible.


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