Superfoods For Super Dogs

Superfoods are all the rage… and there’s even some for your  dogs

There’s so many different foods you can feed your dog from foods not so good for them like pizza to foods made for them like CBD dog treats. But, did you know that you can also feed them “superfoods” catered towards them? And, no, superfoods you eat like acai berries and hemp seeds are not what you should be feeding your dog. Imagine ordering a smoothie bowl for your dog, that’d be quite funny. But there are “superfoods” for dogs that they might like and that can benefit them. 


  • Have you ever heard that people used to clean their teeth just by eating apples? Or how eating an apple can help get rid of coffee breath? Well, apples can also help clean your dog’s teeth. So not only are they full of nutrients like antioxidants and fiber, they are a toothbrush, too (sort of)! Just make sure you take the seeds out of the apple slices you give to your dog since they can result in choking. 


  • I know my dog loves eggs. Whenever we are cooking them downstairs, it doesn’t matter where he is, he comes running. They are a great source of protein. And, if you want to keep your dog vegetarian, eggs can help you do this! Eggs not only help build strong bones thanks to protein, but they also deliver good amounts of vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Coconut Oil

  • This is a superfood that should be used sparling for humans, and holds true for dogs. SInce it is high in calories, it could have an adverse effect on your dog’s cholesterol levels. However, if you follow the dosage your veterinarian recommends, it can aid in digestion, soothe allergic reactions, and improve skin and coats. 


  • If your dog has had trouble going ahem, you know what I mean, pumpkin might be the answer you’ve been looking for. If you can’t get the fresh stuff, make sure the canned puree does not have any sugar in it!

Purple Cabbage

  • It’s super important for people to eat the rainbow, not just greens. This holds true for dogs as well. So, to get you and your dogs’ purples in you can try adding purple cabbage to both of your diets. 


  • You can give pear slices as a substitute to traditional treats. They have great fiber content and are relatively low in calories! If your dog is used to different types of treats such as CBD dog treats, you can still incorporate these in or you can put a drop of CBD oil for dogs on a pear slice to keep your dog zen.


  • Your dog might already love blueberries, so why not use them as treats? One blueberry is all you need to give your dog as a treat. Yes, it is small, but it is supposed to be a treat, not a snack. If you want, you can even make these delicious 4-ingredient Blueberry Dog Treats


  • You may already know the benefits of salmon since it might be something you try and get in your own diet. It’s high omega 3 content is great for you and your dog’s immune system. And, it’ll keep your hair and skin nourished. Just be careful not to overdue how much fish you are giving your pup especially if you are supplementing their diet with fish oil already. 


  • Got Kale? Kale might already be on your shopping list, but grab another bunch for your furry best friend. Leafy greens are great for their livers and cardiovascular health. Just make sure you stick to kale for your pooch since spinach can cause problems for pets, especially smaller dog breeds.

Now what are you waiting for? Start trying out these superfoods for your dogs!

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