Safety Tips for Groomers

Most dog lovers wouldn't consider grooming a dangerous task. But, precautions must be taken by a groomer to ensure both their safety and the safety of the dog.

To assist groomers in ensuring safe practices we have compiled several tips.

Your Personal Safety as a Groomer

  • Ask the pet parent if there are any areas of their dog's body they hate touched (will she nip, will she bite, etc)
  • Always have muzzles handy; ask the pet parent if a muzzle is necessary while grooming
  • Always wear bite-proof gloves to avoid puncture/infection/etc
  • If you notice a dog is not reacting well to grooming, don't hesitate to call the pet parent and discuss the situation at hand
  • Read and understand all state laws regarding grooming

Ensuring the Dog's Safety while Grooming

  • Maintain 'good vibes.' Dogs you are working with can pick up on your emotions. If you remain calm, the dog is more likely to remain calm.
  • Ask the customer for permission to provide your dog with several drops of CBD to reduce anxiety while grooming (if the customer is not familiar with CBD, educate the customer and gauge their interest)
  • Do not allow any dog to roam freely
  • Always remain gentle and ensure the restraint is secure while grooming
  • Check the temperature of the dryer frequently 
  • Watch for any signs of discomfort
  • Take extra time while grooming near the eyes and ears

As a groomer, you will learn many other safety tips with the variety of dogs you are caring for. You will learn what works best for you and the dogs as you develop a clientele. 

If you would like to learn more about how to calm your clients with CBD oil or learn how CBD works prior to recommending it to your customers click here. We highly recommend you learn as much as possible so you're able to educate your customers to the best of your ability.


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