Puppies for Christmas? Let's Think About It

Gifts under the Christmas tree are a classic, but a puppy under the Christmas tree is a little more of a surprise. This surprise is not technically the best if you have not adequately thought about the commitment you are making. You will want to go through these pointers before gifting a furry new friend to the family to ensure it is a responsible decision rather an impulsive mistake.

Here Are The Realities

  • Puppies are a long commitment, potentially longer than 10 years. You will want to think about what your future will be like and make a decision that aligns with your future as well as your present.
  • Puppies are not cheap. They are not just a one-time purchase, but rather an ongoing investment since you will have to keep up with buying your new dog food, vaccines, certain surgeries, supplies, and even toys and treats to keep your dog entertained.
  • You need to keep in mind how much time you will have on your hands past holiday time. Even though you have lots of time during the holidays that may not hold true when you return to your regular schedule.
  • Puppies are not easy to take care of. They may be adorable, but you will need to create a schedule for them. They may be cuddly, but you will need to house train them. They may be fun, but you will need to teach them commands. 

Here Are The Benefits

  • Puppies will get you out of bed! Since puppies require you to take them out for potty breaks in the morning, they will keep you active and on a schedule albeit their schedule. 
  • Puppies can help you bond. Having a new puppy around can bring joy into your house and with all the caring that needs to be done, your puppy will help bring your family together.
  • Puppies are a great companion. Puppies are such an amazing source of unconditional love and devotion. Watching your dog grow will fill your life with fun as well as a furry shoulder to lean on when you need it. 

Here Are Ways to Care For Your Puppy

  • Feed your dog a high-quality diet. As your puppy grows, they will need adequate minerals, vitamins, and various other nutrients to help them thrive. You can do some research and pick a diet with high quality ingredients.
  • Your dog needs exercise and attention. Puppies typically have loads of energy which means they will need lots of physical activity and to keep them mentally stimulated. You will want to carve out playtime as well as ensuring your puppy gets exercise through walks. 
  • Your dog needs to be trained. Your dog does not need to be a show dog but training takes time but is definitely easiest when they are still a puppy and eager, although easily distracted, to learn. You should take the time to teach your puppy basic commands and some simple tricks. This will also make your life easier in the long run since your dog will most likely be better behaved.

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