Pet Gift Guide!

You may have already picked out gifts for all your family members. But, WAIT! You forgot your favorite family member, your pet! But you don’t need to worry, because we have some affordable and sure to be loved gift ideas for your pet. Read through some budget-friendly last minute Christmas gifts you can get your pet to make sure they are a part of the festivities.

Holiday PJs

You and your family may have a tradition of getting matching PJ sets every Christmas, so why not include your pet this year? You may not be able to find one that matches exactly, but you can still find some comfy and cute pjs that your pet can be dressed in. This way you can snuggle up with your pet as everyone opens their gift.

Holiday Cat Toy

Your cat may already have tons of toys, but do they have a holiday themed toy? I did not think so! But, now is the time to fix that. With a quick google search you should be able to find some awesome holiday themed classic cat toys. 

Holiday Bandana

Your dog or cat may already have lots of bandanas, but the holidays means it’s time to get a holiday themed bandana for your pet to strut around in. If your pet is on the naughty list this year, then you can get them a “Santa I Can Explain” bandana. But between us, I know your pet could not do a single thing wrong in your eyes. 

Holiday Treats

Treats are always the yummiest and most fun gifts for most everyone, including your pet. You can get them gingerbread flavored treats to devour while you and your family or friends have a gingerbread house competition. If you are really into being this holiday season, you can try your hand at making a pet friendly treat for your pet to enjoy while you and your friends or family engage in some sugar cookie decorating.

Holiday Dog Collar

Now the holidays mean houses decorated in lights, so why not bring some festivity to your dog’s collar so that he can show off his new festive collar during holiday walks. I have seen some super cool light up collars, but if you want something with a lower profile you can find a collar with some cute elves on it or perhaps some snowflakes. 

Holiday Toy

There are so many holiday decorations that are probably going on inside your house, so if you want to really take it up a notch, you can buy your dog some new plush toys that are perfect for them to run around with and for you to play fetch with them inside. While chocolate is not something you can share with your dog, you could get a fun hot cocoa toy. Extra festivity points for a toy that squeaks because we both know that always gets dogs excited. 

Hopefully this list has given you some ideas for how to include your dog in the holiday festivities!

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