Mobile Groomers: They Come to You!

Mobile dog grooming, or pet grooming in general, has now become mobile! There seems to be a mobile option for everything, right? In our busy lives, this is much easier than running all around and not being able to complete what needs to be done at home. 

In this post, we will discuss frequently asked questions regarding mobile grooming so you can get a feel of how mobile grooming works.

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Mobile Dog Grooming is Often More Expensive

Mobile dog grooming does cost a bit more than going to a regular shop. Since the service is personalized and tailored to your individual dog, and the groomer must drive to you (commute time), there are a limited number of dogs your groomer is able to see in one day.

Mobile dog groomers reduce the stress on you and your pup. There are no other dogs around barking or being anxious.There's just the one-on-one between your dog groomer and your dog.


Mobile Groomers Need to Meet Your Dog

If the mobile groomer has not yet met your dog, they are not able to give you an exact cost for their grooming services. Since they haven't seen your dog, they are unsure as to how long the grooming process will take, your dog's temperament, etc. They do; however, often provide a price range so you know what you're looking at.



They Provide the Goods in Mobile Dog Grooming

The majority of mobile dog groomers are fully equipped with their own power and water source so you do not have to go through the hassle of connecting that to your home. 


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