Memorial Day With Your Pets

Memorial Day is a time to honor and remember the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military. As we gather with family and friends to commemorate this significant day, it's important to include our furry frenz in the celebration. After all, there are pets in the military that have made significant contributions to our country. In preparation for Memorial Day coming up this Monday, we want to explore ways to celebrate Memorial Day with your pets.

Memorial Day often marks the unofficial start of summer, and it's a great opportunity to spend quality time outdoors with your pets. Take your dog for a long walk or hike in a pet-friendly park, allowing them to enjoy the fresh air and exercise. Engage in interactive play sessions with your cat using toys that stimulate their natural instincts. Remember to provide ample shade, fresh water, and occasional breaks to prevent overheating, especially during hot weather. Also be sure to take care of their skin as it is easy to damage their skin when being exposed to the outdoors. 

If you're hosting or attending a Memorial Day gathering, consider making it pet-friendly. Inform your guests in advance that pets are welcome, ensuring they are comfortable around animals. Create a designated pet area with water bowls, shade, and toys. Make sure that your pet gets along well with everyone, especially new people and pets. It's essential to monitor interactions between pets and children, ensuring a safe and positive environment for everyone involved.

While enjoying delicious barbecues and picnics, it's important to treat your pet to some good food as well. Certain human foods can be toxic or harmful to pets, including chocolate, onions, grapes, and alcohol. With that said, our bacon & beef bites will be sure to satisfy them and will also make sure that they aren’t feeling left out.

Fireworks are a common part of Memorial Day celebrations, but they can be extremely stressful for pets. The loud noises and bright lights can cause anxiety, fear, and even panic in many animals. If your pet is sensitive to loud noises, we have you covered! With our calming chews, your furry frenz can also enjoy the fireworks! 

Memorial Day often brings an increase in outdoor activities and potential distractions. Ensure your pets are wearing collars with updated identification tags and consider microchipping them for added safety. Keep a close eye on your pets, especially in crowded areas or unfamiliar environments. 

This Memorial Day, let's celebrate with our pets while honoring the heroes who fought for our freedom. Enjoy quality time outdoors and host pet-friendly gatherings. Above all, prioritize your pets' well-being by taking necessary precautions during fireworks displays. By considering their needs and providing a safe and comforting environment, we can make this Memorial Day a memorable and enjoyable experience for our furry frenz.


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