Indoor Dog Games for When the Weather is Frightening

Let’s be honest, it’s getting colder outside and some of us, including myself, don’t like that. Going outside to play with your dog may not sound all that enjoyable now since you’ll have to wear a coat and your hands will be cold as the wind whips into your face and through your hair. So, staying inside and playing with your dog to keep them entertained is a great alternative, but what games are you going to play? I’ve come up with two easy games you can start off with when the weather outside is frightening!


You probably played hide-and-seek growing up with your friends, if you babysat, or with your own kids. Now it’s time for you to play with your dog. Hide-and-seek dog edition is going to involve you, your dog, and a friend or family  member depending on how good of a listener your dog is. So, if your pup will stay when you tell them to, then you can have them stay until you hide and then call them. If your pup has trouble with the stay command, then you can have another person hold your dog while you hide and then when you call them, that person can release the seeker! Make sure you give praise to your dog when they find you, and you can even throw in a couple treats. If the weather is frightening because of thunder or rain and not just the cold, then you can try rewarding your pup with CBD dog treats to help calm them down. 

Clicker Training

You don’t necessarily have to use a clicker, but working on some training with your dog, even if your dog is already well trained, can be a great cold day activity. The game can keep your dog focused and stimulated. And, your dog will love this game because it means more time with their hooman and yummy treats for them! If you really want to wow them, you could check out these CBD dog treats that you can make yourself using CBD oil for dogs. You may already have some tricks or commands you want your dog to learn, but if not, here a small list of obedience commands and fun tricks to get your dog started on! And, the best part is, you could potentially do all of this fun while sitting on the couch. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Obedience Commands

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Lay Down
  • Heel
  • Look
  • Off

Fun Tricks

  • Shake
  • Retrieve
  • Rollover
  • Wave
  • Speak
  • Touch (which could lead to your dog turns your lights off for you!)

There are so many other games you can play with your dog, but these two don’t involve much setup or equipment other than two of your dog’s favorite things: you and treats. If it is raining, thundering, storming, snowing, or just not whether you want to be out and about in, you can throw on some sweats and keep your dog active from the comfort and heating of your home.

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