How to Utilize Zen Frenz’s Subscription Service

In today’s fast-paced world, where our schedules often feel like a whirlwind of obligations and commitments, our pets remain to be the one constant in our life. Yet, as much as we love them and we would absolutely lay our entire lives at their feet, there can be times where it's harder to prioritize their well being. Like, when you’re coming home after a hectic day and all you need is the comforting presence of your furry friends only to realize you’ve run out of their favorite treats that makes them want to like you back. 

That’s where Zen Frenz steps in. Imagine the relief of knowing that, despite the chaos of your day, your pets' needs are being attended to with care and dedication.Our pets don’t ask for much- just our love, attention, the playtimes, to walk, to feed, to hand our entire world over to them. With Zen Frenz, you can enjoy the simple pleasure of spending quality time with your pet, knowing that their favorite treats, essentials, and everything that matters most are just a doorstep delivery away.  

How to Subscribe: 

  1. On our website, head over to “Products
  2. Select the product you want eligible for subscription
  3. Choose when you would like to receive your next shipment. 
  4. Add to Cart
  5. Purchase

Example: If you are Subscribing to the Zen Drops 250 MG, you would click the product through our “Products” page, depending on what device you are using, the option to opt-in to subscriptions will either be to the right or below the product images. Add the product to cart. Once purchased, the product will now be automatically filled for you based on the time range you selected for your next shipment. 

Managing Subscriptions

First things first, create a Zen Frenz Account. This will be the easiest way to keep track and manage your subscriptions. 

To create a Zen Frenz account, 

  1. Head over to our website
  2. Looking over on the menu, select “Create Account” 
  3. Enter the prompted details

To Log into your Zen Frenz account, head to our website under the menu, select “Log In.”

What products are eligible for subscriptions? 

All of our products are eligible for subscription.  

When does it renew?

When opting into subscription through our Products Page, you were asked to select through a drop down menu whether you wanted Product delivery every 20, 30, or 45 Days. You can also manage this through your Zen Frenz account. 

You might have also noticed that there is a 10% difference between the One-time purchase option than the Subscription option. *wink wink.*

Where is my product? 

When placing an order, you will automatically get shipment details within 3 days through the email you provided during purchase. Otherwise, if you don’t want to scroll through various emails, use your Zen Frenz account to manage shipment inquiries. 

How do I cancel my subscription

If you give the subscription a shot and you realize it’s not for you, it can be canceled through your Zen Frenz account any time. However, you might want to consider changing the date range of your subscription. Some people might find that 20 days is a bit too soon and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed with excess products. But, you still use our products fairly regularly, so though you might not use it everyday a 45 day interval is better suited for you. 

Still, if you find that this no longer works for you, we hope somewhere along the line you decide you want to subscribe again! To do this, follow the same process and we would love to have you back. 

Why won’t my subscription renew? 

When subscriptions are not renewing automatically, you may have an incorrect or expired payment method linked to your account. We recommend double checking the card information used so that it can be renewed hasslefree. 

Who do I contact for further questions? 

If any subscription inquiries or issues with your account, please feel free to contact us at and we would love to help!

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