Getting That Perfect Pupstagram Pic

Taking pictures of people is hard enough, but when you are trying to get that perfect shot of your dog, the pressure is on. It is hard, but if you are a blogger, influencer, or small business owner, adding exciting, unique, and new photos to your social media page is a must to make it in the competitive landscape. Butting yourself and your dog as the face of your company or business can help grow your customer base because they can feel a connection to you. This can help them make purchases when they otherwise may not have. Here are some tips on getting good photos of you and your dog, particularly when you are traveling.

Research and Plan ahead

It seems like everyone always tells people to be prepared when it comes to anything to do with dogs. While exploring new places that are special and unknown, organizing tasks to get a great photo of your dog can be challenging and stressful. 

If there are places that you really want to visit and a place you want to snap good photos at, you should plan ahead by scheduling your visit for when it is less busy so that you two can get a great photo together or for you to get a great photo of your pup. 

You should also be sure to check the weather channel before heading out since an outdoor photo session will not be ideal when it is raining. You can also check to see when sunrise and sunset are if you want that type of sky background or if you want to know when the lighting will be most flattering (aka golden hour). 

Figure Out How to Take Photos

Now that you have planned out the photo, the actual task is at hand. You need to figure out how to actually take the photo. If you are just taking a photo of your dog, this is pretty self explanatory. You may need a few treats to keep your dog’s attention, but other than that you can start clicking away. 

If you are trying to get a photo of you and your dog, this will require a little bit of skill. If you are traveling with other people, you can get your friends or family to snap a few pics now and then. If you are surrounded by strangers, there is no harm in guiding them to take a picture if they agree. ANd if there is not a soul on site, you can set up your camera and set a timer to get some good timer pictures. A tripod may come in handy when you are trying to take a timer picture since balancing your camera on a rock may end you up with some wonky angles and potentially a damaged camera. If you are into selfies, you can also utilize a selfie stick, but this may not be the best if you have hard time controlling your dog in new places where he may be more excited than usual.

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