Canine Obesity and Portion Control

If you realized this week that your dog is obese, it's important to understand how to reduce their weight in a healthy manner.

Your veterinarian will likely direct you to feed your dog a diet containing fewer calories while preventing malnutrition. We want to make sure she's getting the right nutrients in her diet. 

Can My Dog Have Treats?

Your dog should have her treats restricted while she's on her 'diet' to reduce her weight. Of course, your veterinarian may have a suggestion regarding treats. 

Your veterinarian may allow you to add our Zen Bites to your dog's diet since they're full of nutrients. Plus, your dog will gain the benefits of CBD. If your veterinarian isn't experienced with CBD, we suggest you consult an alternative veterinarian.

'Weighing In' on Canine Obesity

Your dog should be weighed every three weeks or so to ensure the weight loss is acceptable. We don't want your dog to lose weight too fast. Your dog's weight loss journey is a relatively slow process, but once she gets there she will feel better than ever!

Once Your Dog's Weight Loss Goal is Met

Once your dog's weight loss goal has been met, you must still follow a strict diet to ensure she doesn't become overweight yet again.

Portion control plays a role once your dog's weight loss goal is met. Again, this goes back to your dog's breed, body style, activity level, and age.

If your veterinarian has any questions regarding our treats while on your dog's weight loss journey, feel free to reach out!





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