Benefits of Doggy Daycare

We touched upon doggy daycare in yesterday's post, but today we are going to go into more depth on the topic. Some of you already know what doggy daycare is, some may have their dogs in doggy daycare, and others may even own a doggy daycare already. 

For all the above audiences, we would like to describe the benefits of doggy daycare. Why should a dog be involved with a doggy daycare? While you're reading, keep in mind, doggy daycare can be beneficial for both you and your pup.

Doggy Daycare Benefit 1

Dogs are pack animals. They descended from wolves, and some of those instincts are still there. The desire for socialization is one of those. 

Socialization helps a dog learn what it means to behave as desired. For example, do not jump on people, be gentle when necessary, and learn to accept new sights, smells, sounds, and environments.

Doggy Daycare Benefit 2

The proper amount of exercise is critical for your dog's well-being. Lack of exercise is one of the number one causes of behavioral problems (along with lack of socialization). 

Doggy daycare provides your dog with an outlet for excess energy assisting in the prevention of behavioral issues. Plus, after you arrive home with your dog after daycare, you can relax and rest assured knowing he has had sufficient play time and is now ready to cuddle up in bed to a movie with his best friend (AKA you). 

Doggy Daycare Benefit 3

We aren't sure about you, but there are many dog lovers who absolutely despise leaving their dog home alone. Will she be lonely? Will she get into trouble? Will someone take her?

Dropping your furry best friend off at doggy daycare will give you peace of mind while you're busy during the day. You don't have to worry about if your dog is okay or not. You can relax your mind and reduce your stress while she's playing with other dogs and people.

Doggy Daycare Benefit 4

Finally, the last benefit we are going to discuss today is the benefit of routine. Dogs do much better and have been shown to behave much better when there is structure in their daily lives. 

Routine helps your dog feel safe and secure. Routine also provides your dog with something to look forward to each day. To an extent, she understands this routine and will know what's coming next throughout each day.

Sometimes, dogs who are daycare every single day can become stressed, though. If your dog is one of these types, you may want to consider something to help her de-stress. Our best recommendation of course is CBD oil to reduce anxiety and increase her level of comfort. Eliminating stress is critical for both the pet parent and the doggy daycare.

Wait: There's More

We do encourage you to do your own research as you see fit as per usual. We aren't stopping here, though. The remainder of this week will be dedicated to discussing doggy daycare. Continue following us to find out more!



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