6 Cool Dog Breeds You May Not Know

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With so many different dog breeds (339 officially recognized by the FCI to be exact), the chances that you have not heard of all of them are extremely high. You are bound to run into some really cool dog breeds while you are out and about walking around the neighborhood, park, beach or nature trails. Most dogs are objectively cute but the dogs on this list also have some special qualities that make them extra cool. It is also important to note that deciding this list was quite challenging and this list is by no means exhaustive.

  1. Afghan Hound
    This breed of dog is one of the oldest in the world and was originally brought from Afghanistan to England in the early 20th century. Although traditionally they were kept as a hunting dog, afghan hounds now enjoy life indoors, as they are  mild-mannered enough to love letting you play with their long silky hair.

  1. Irish Wolfhound
    This Irish breed proudly holds the title of tallest dog in the world, as they can measure heights of nearly three feet. While their primary role was to guard against predators such as wolves, they are smart, caring and gentle creatures, especially toward humans. 

  1. Mudi
    These hunting dogs are considered to be a national treasure in their home country,  Hungary, this rare breed features a curly coat which is so revered in its homeland that mudi dogs even have their own postage stamp! Additionally, these hard-working dogs can still be found assisting shepherds in Hungary, but you probably won't see any at your local dog park -- but that would be really cool!

  1. Bedlington Terrier
    Care.com says, “Although this northern English breed is as gentle as the lamb it so closely resembles, it's a fast, powerful, high-energy dog, both on land and in water. It's sweet and fluffy, but it's a strong fighter when provoked. Legend has it that nomadic gypsies of long ago kept these terriers around to protect their belongings.”

  1. Lagotto Romagnolo
    If you get the chance to hangout with one of these guys you'll definitely want to snuggle up the minute you set your eyes on them, as lagotto romagnolo are super cute and have curly hair. During ancient times they were water retrievers, so these dogs are great swimmers. The best part about this breed is that they are the only certified truffle-hunting breed.  

  1. Puli
    From care.com they write, “Affectionately called the "mop dog," this intelligent, compact Eastern European herding breed stands out because of its dreadlock fur that is nearly waterproof. Despite its somewhat laid-back appearance, it is fiercely loyal and thinks of its human family as its "flock." Like the Mudi, the Puli also appears on a Hungarian postage stamp.”

As you can see there are so many amazing dog breeds out there with many peculiar but super cool “super powers” if you will. No two dog breeds are the same and each breed has something special and unique to offer, so no matter what kind of dog you have or choose to get you can be assured there is no wrong choice.

*Inspiration for this blog came from “Care.com” 

*These pictures are not our own

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