3 Ways To Get The Perfect Photo Of Your Dog

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Have you ever wished you could get the perfect photo of your dog? It is definitely not an easy task, unless your dog is an absolute angel. But let’s face it, dogs tend to have lots of energy when you focus on them!

Here are 4 ways to get that perfect photo:


  1. Make sure you have great lighting. You don’t need a professional camera to capture their cute face, just bright light. Natural light from a window or simply being outdoors works like a charm every time. You will want to position them so the sun or window light is directly on their face for the best quality. Don’t have a ton of natural light in your home? Go outside! Gives your dogs a space to play while you photograph them. 


  1. Sometimes where your dog is most comfortable is the best place to take photos. They won’t be distracted by new things, like other dogs or people, and can focus on just playing in your home or backyard. 


  1. Take advantage of your pup’s nap time. Not only are they at their cutest when they’re sleepy, but they’ll be calmer. A great time to put their favorite toys around them and make for great photos. Need an extra dose of calm? Some drops of Zen Dogs CBD oil will help relax your pup. 


  1. Always, ALWAYS involve treats. Most dogs respond well to a delicious smelling treat, especially when used as positive reinforcement. Zen Dogs Bacon & Beef flavored chews really do the trick —your pup will be enticed by the smell, drooling to have it, and be ready to do anything to eat the treat.

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What are your favorite tricks and ideas to get those Instagram-worthy dog photos? Post yours with the hashtag #ZenDogs so we can see!

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