3 Facts About Cats You Didn't Know: Part 1

There are some who believe they know all there is to know about cats. Our cat basically tells us all we need to know, right? What else could there be we do not know? Today's blog post will share a few facts with you. We will add more tomorrow- so be sure to check the blog page again!

P.S.- It's National Cat Lover's Month so be sure to celebrate! 

Fact 1: Cats Don't Only Groom to Stay Clean

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You see fluffy over there by the fireplace 'cleaning' herself and she very well may be. But, cats have other reasons for grooming. Do cats really need to do so much just to stay clean?

Research has found several reasons for cats' cleaning behavior including:

  • Reducing scent to avoid predators
  • Promoting blood flow
  • Distributing natural oils throughout coat
  • Affection
  • Healing wounds using enzymes (a natural antibiotic) when hurt

Fact 2: Purring Isn't Always Fantastic

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Just as a dog's tail wag isn't always a good sign, a cat's purring doesn't always mean they're content. Cats have also been found to purr for the following reasons:

  • When they're stressed
  • When they're sick
  • When they're hurt

Fact 3: Cats Aren't a Huge Fan of Music

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Do you remember the information we shared about dogs enjoying music while you're gone? Cats are more particular (we know- they're more particular on a lot of things). Cats aren't a huge fan of really any kind of music... except one. 

Composer David Teie, who partnered with animal scientists to make an album called Music for Cats, based his music on cats' communication and the environmental sounds cats prefer. 

Come Back for More

Tomorrow, we'll share several facts! You thought today was interesting? Wait for what we have in store for Wednesday! 

Again, Happy National Cats' Month! 

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