3 Christmas Plants Your Kitty Cannot Handle

With Christmas tradition, there are a few plants we usually leave out. We are sure you can guess what they are, but we would like to share with you here why they’re dangerous to your cat. 

Kitty Danger 1: Poinsettias

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When you walk into the grocery store, or nearly any store for that matter, there are likely poinsettias at the checkout line. They’re beautiful and they capture attention. If you have a kitty, these aren’t for you.

Poinsettias themselves aren’t generally dangerous alone. The pesticides they have been doused with to look that beautiful are the problem. Ingestion of pesticides can cause your cat to become ill and could be fatal.

Kitty Danger 2: Mistletoe

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We all love to hang a little mistletoe above the hallway for our guests to see as they enter. Unfortunately, the leaves and berries contain toxins our cats cannot handle. If ingested, mistletoe can cause respiratory issues, seizures, and/or fatality.

Kitty Danger 3: Christmas Tree

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Yes, we just said the Christmas tree. This sounds ridiculous, right? Our cats play in the tree, wrestle around, bat our ornaments off, and sometimes even accomplish knocking it down. 

Our cats have a lot of fun in our Christmas trees, but we need to be sure they are not consuming the needles (yes, some cats will do this). You should also ensure you have continuous fresh water so you aren’t growing bacteria water for your kitty to drink.

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