10 Most Popular Dog Breeds!

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Are you thinking about getting a dog but don’t know which kind? There are so many different breeds to choose from and it is hard to know if you made the perfect choice. Knowing the characteristics of dogs and what you might get yourself into is so important before getting a doggy of your own!  Here are the most popular breeds of dogs:

  1. Labrador Retrievers
  • Labrador retrievers are great dogs that live up to 12-12.5 years! They are outgoing and very friendly. They are big dogs however and can get up to 55-80 pounds! If you love big dogs, this is the one and they are great to cuddle with!!
  1. German Shepherds
  • German Shepherds are one of the smartest dogs out there and are also very courageous. These dogs can pick up on learning skills fast. They shed a lot but the love they give to their owners outweighs the hair you find everywhere!
  1. Golden Retrievers
  • Golden Retrievers are truly golden! The cutest and most lovable dogs! They are one of the most energetic dogs and will play 24/7! Again, they can get very big so if you’re a small dog person, maybe a golden retriever isn’t the right choice for you.
  1. French bulldogs
  • French Bulldogs are known for “bat ears” and are intelligent! They are small dogs but feisty! Some love to play while others rather sleep all day!
  1. Bulldogs
  • Bulldogs are a medium-sized breed, and they are friendly even though they have a wrinkled, sour mug face. Lots of people teach their bulldog to skateboard. They aren’t the most active dogs but definitely have some amazing characteristics!
  1. Poodles
  • Poodles, the dogs with the best haircuts! They are active, trainable and alert! Poodles can come in different sizes which are standard, miniature and toy! Everyone needs a poodle, right?!?!
  1. Beagles
  • Beagles were dogs who at first were supposed to hunt in packs. They are friendly and curious especially with their big brown or hazel eyes!
  1. Rottweilers
  • Rottweilers are loyal and confident dogs who can weigh from 80 to 135 pounds! One characteristic of Rottweilers is that they have short black coat with smart rust markings and are born with a territorial instinct.
  1. German Shorthaired Pointers

-German Shorthaired Pointers are strong, powerful, and playful dogs! They are super-fast and are known to have friendly eyes! If you want a dog to keep you busy because of how active they are, this is the one!

  1. Pembroke Welsh Corgis

Pembroke Welsh Corgis, the dogs that are full of energy! They are small but very alert! They have short legs but that does not stop them from running around all the time!


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